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Now You Can Find Us on Mojarto

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

When it comes to online platform, the Mojarto Art has everything an Artist, buyer or a seller need to know. Mojarto creates a beautiful Platform for original Indian Paintings and we recommend every emerging Indian artist to become a member of this fabulous online portal. is trustworthy for all artists, buyers and we arstudioart is so proud to be a member of such a remarkable platform ... The service of Mojarto is very smooth, user-friendly. Entire process from uploading the image of an artwork to selling it is hassle free and effortless. The Mojarto team is also very helpful, cooperative and always ready to support in any kinds of difficulties.

Few Simple steps for artists to apply on MOJARTO:

Registering with Mojarto is a simple and fast process.

  1. Fill up a simple form with your basic details – your bio data, statement of work and five sample images with pricing and pay the nominal registration fee.

  2. Mojarto will evaluate your portfolio and then decide whether to partner with you.

  3. Once you’ve submitted a registration request, they will take 1-2 week to get back to you over email.

Aarti Sharma Visual Abstract Artist:

We all belongs to a society that loves to be energetic and vibrant full of colors. Similar to its people and place, Indian art and design is also popular for their dynamic hues and striking pattern's. A graphic and interior designer by vocation and an abstract artist by choice, Aarti blends the best of both aesthetic optimums into her creative expressions on canvas.

Heavily influenced by indian culture and design, her compositions explore the ideas behind fractals - repeating, increasingly complex patterns filled with color and light. Both warm and cool tones create visual space within her paintings that are largely process-oriented, associated with geometric and hard-edge abstraction, and predominated by pouring, layering, and intricate brushwork… a process that is continually repeated to achieve a sense of depth, intensity, and composition.

Ranjeet Sathe Visual Figurative Artist:

As an Indian artist he believe in a concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (world is one family) which is ingrained in our DNA. Heavily influenced by indian culture and family values which is often passed from generations to generations. Ranjeet blends the best of both family love and bond into her creative expressions on canvas.

He often employs the human figure to tell a story and uses everyday themes like couple, parent & child to bring out various shades of human emotions. The common thing one will find in his art is love, whether it is with the human or with nature.

He says exploring the emotional links between poetry and painting is like picking two different flowers from the same field to form a bouquet, each beautifully paired, complimenting one another in scent & aesthetics. All of us have different ways of showing our affection for different things, and likewise to artist Ranjeet Sathe, displays his love on canvas.


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