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Aarti Sharma 

Aarti Sharma (b. 1987, Uttar Pradesh, India) received a Bachelor's degree in Commerce in 2006. Further, she pursued her post-graduate diploma in Graphic Design from M.I.T. University Pune, in 2010. After graduating, she continues to live in Pune and worked with design studios as a Creative Director and Sr. Designer for several years. Aarti is also one of the co-founders of the company called ARSTUDIOART, Pune.

Her large, geometric compositions explore the ideas behind fractals — repeating, increasingly complex patterns filled with color and light. While traditional fractals are typically computer-generated and “perfect,” Aarti’s pieces are hand-painted, emphasizing the imperfections inherent in melding human efforts with that of computer-aided processes and there’s definitely a sense of both the human and the mechanical in   Aarti’s paintings. 

The same sense that you might feel when looking down at the streets of a well-planned city—as hard as the architects and city planners try, the city can’t help but shift, grow, and adapt to accommodate the natural imperfections of the landscape. Of course, Aarti impels the envelope even further by enhancing contrast, emphasizing repeating patterns, and using warm and cool tones to create visual space within his paintings. As Aarti explained, acrylic paint is applied through “pouring, layering, and intricate brushwork … a process which is continually repeated to achieve a sense of depth, intensity, and composition.” When you step back, further, and try to take it all in, you might even start to see some grander pattern, shape, or figure appearing within the repeating elements. Although whether that is intended by the artist or simply intuited by the viewer, it’s always hard to say. . .